Glaucoma Therapy: State of the Art



Contributing Authors

Foreword by H. Dunbar Hoskins Jr., MD


1. Clinical-Pathological Phenomenology of Glaucoma
Peter Meyer, MD and Matthias C. Grieshaber, MD, FEBO

2. Aqueous Humor Dynamics
Hagen Thieme, MD

3. The Mechanism of Glaucomatous Damage to the Optic Nerve
Josef Flammer, MD and Maneli Mozaffarieh, MD

4. Update on Medical Glaucoma Therapy
Norbert Pfeiffer, MD

5. Glaucoma Management as a Worldwide Initiative
Gordon R. Douglas, MD, FRCSC

6. Early History of Glaucoma Surgery
Ahti Tarkkanen, MD, PhD

7. Glaucoma Filtering Surgery
Carlo E. Traverso, MD

8. How to Optimize Trabeculectomy
Thierry Zeyen, MD, PhD

9. Wound Healing Modification during and after Glaucoma Surgery - the State of the Art
Stelios Georgoulas, MD, G. Astrid Limb, PhD, Maryse Bailly, PhD, Stephen Brocchini, PhD,
Peng T. Khaw, PhD FRCS FRCOphth FRCP

10. Glaucoma Implants
Keith Barton, MD, FRCP, FRCS, FRCOphth

11. The Concept of Non-Penetrating Glaucoma Surgery
Matthias C. Grieshaber, MD, FEBO

12. Deep Sclerectomy in Uveitic Glaucoma
Saleh A. Al Obeidan, MD

13. Schlemm’s Canal Surgery: Restoring Physiological Aqueous Outflow
Robert Stegmann, MD, Ané Pienaar, MD and Matthias C. Grieshaber, MD, FEBO

14. Perioperative Care of the Filtering Surgery
Selim Orgül, MD and Matthias C. Grieshaber, MD, FEBO

15. Bleb Related Complications – Practical Considerations
Franz Grehn, MD and Thomas Klink, MD

16. Laser in Glaucoma – Classic Techniques
Konstantin Gugleta, MD, Dimitra Kavroulaki, MD, Matthias C. Grieshaber, MD, FEBO, Josef Flammer, MD and Selim Orgül, MD

17. Laser Therapy in Glaucoma: Ab Interno Procedures
Jens Funk, MD, PhD

18. Secondary Glaucoma in Uveitis
Juerg Messerli, MD

19. Management of Neovascular Glaucoma
Milko E. Iliev, MD and Sebastian Wolf, MD, PhD

20.Non-IOP lowering Treatment in Glaucoma
Maneli Mozaffarieh, MD

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